Downtown Yoga Festival is a premiere yoga event for community to experience a healthy lifestyle, peace, and happiness through yoga. It is a unique and extraordinary gathering unlike any other.

This inspiring event features many offerings including yoga, music, meditation, eating, get-togethers and more.  Together we will celebrate the healing effects of yoga with a variety of yoga classes, workshops, and seminars for all skill levels and ages.

Come and experience special cooking and enjoy a variety of our delicious food options.

Let your inner bliss shine while dancing and enjoying the live music of our talented musicians. This festival will unite the community in a celebration of life through unique programs with experienced yoga instructors, musicians, chefs, and local businesses.

Downtown Yoga Festival Highlights


You are going to have different yoga classes to choose from irrespective of skills and styles, instructed by top-notch instructors.


Heighten your understanding and exercise during these workshops. Our instructors are best known for their abilities and have been organising workshops worldwide.

Healthy Eating

Come and witness special cooking lessons about healthy way of eating fresh, vegan, and Ayurvedic, or just enjoy different kinds of vegetarian food choices.


Music has numerous benefits like cutting down stress levels, raising states of consciousness, changing moods, accessing different states of mind, developing the brain and useful in meditation. Let your inner bliss shine while dancing and enjoying the live music performances of our talented music artists.


Everyone love goodies! At the premier downtown yoga festival, there will be free goodies & discount from many of our local vendors.

This amazing program line up at the Downtown Yoga Festival will make your stay pleasurable, and there is plenty more to experience to make your time in Downtown memorable.