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Application Deadlines:

Registration is now open for 2020 Yoga Festivals. We have limited number of spots available. Reserve your spot today. 


  • We have limited number of vendor spaces available for our festivals.
  • Vendors will get  2.5 ft x 6 ft table with two chairs . Please bring table cloth for your table. ( No duck tape allowed anywhere in the venue)
  • Vendor setup needs to be completed one day before festival starts.  ( This usually falls on Friday)
  • We try to promote local vendors as much as we can.


Setup Time

  • Setup needs to be completed  one day prior to the festival. Vending space may or may-not  be open to the public.

Steps after paying fees

  • Please respond to the email after registration with below details.
    • Email receipt.
    • Your company name
    • Your company logo
    • Short description of services/products
  • Once you pay the fees please Download this form and submit it to Tax Commission of  Utah.  Click Here
    • Please confirm once your send the same to Tax Commission
  • Check with in two days and your company name should be under confirmed vendors list on this page.
  • We will communicate all other details venue address, setup time etc. as we get closer to the event.

Submit your application below. Once your application is approved you will receive an approval email along with registration details.




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